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For almost five decades we have been developing fire classified fully glazed partitions and matching glazed doors. Our success through the years is based on products well documented for their unique qualities, customer driven product development and our customer service founded on professionalism and honesty.

We ensure high quality and flexibility at competitive prices



the way we work

Thorough knowledge and years of experience

We believe that in-depth market knowledge is a fundamental cornerstone for our product development. Combined with our many years of experience it gives a unique position to creative products and solutions that add value to our customers and their business.

Solid documentation and high standards

Our products are designed with a high level of aesthetics, quality and environmental soundness. We believe in solid documentation, which is why most of our products are fire and sound tested. When we state, that our products live up to high standards, our customers can take our word for it.

Constant innovation with a detail and customer-oriented focus

Customer-driven product development and innovation and detailed attention to quality through the entire process from product design to final production are key factors to success and the way we work!

Our strengths

Why choose deko ocean?

  • 50% lighter frames
  • 25% narrower frames
  • Fire resistance
  • Competitive prices
  • Value for money
  • High quality
  • Great flexibility
  • Long experience
  • Customer driven innovation
  • Supervision and installation on demand

Our mission and core values

Our products

DEKO Ocean GP Partitions

The fully glazed partition system is Scandinavian design at its best because of the narrow and elegant patent pending aluminium frame.

GP B15 and GP A60 can be installed as whole fully glazed partitions or as individual glazed sections in different areas of the ships.

DEKO Ocean GP B15 and GP A60 is fire tested as a fireproof structure according to the latest FTP 2010 code set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and is Wheel marked according to the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.

specification overview

GP B15 + GP A60

Product Type Fire resistance Profile size Max. glass panel size Glass weight Frame weight Sound insulation (Rw)
GP B15 Glass bulkhead B15 28*30mm 1500*2460mm 31 kg/m² <1 kg/rm 37-43 dB
GP B15 Window B15 28*30mm 1500*2685mm 31 kg/m² <1 kg/rm 37-43 dB
GP A60 Glass bulkhead A60 40*30mm 1500*2460mm 59 kg/m² <1 kg/rm 40-43 dB
GP A60 Window A60 40*30mm 1500*2500mm 59 kg/m² <1 kg/rm 40-43 dB




DEKO Ocean GD Glazed Doors

The doors have been developed as a complete system where all parts of the doors are designed to match the design of the DEKO Ocean partitions.

DEKO Ocean GD B15 and GD A60 are available as single or double doors and can easily be built into DEKO Ocean partitions and other types of partitions.

DEKO Ocean GD B15 and GD A60 doors have been fire tested according to the latest FTP 2010 code set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

specification overview

GD B15 & GD A60

Product Type Fire resistance Door leaf thickness Door weight Glass weight (m²) Max. door frame size Max. door leaf size Sound insulation
GD B15 Single door B15 74 mm 48 kg 31 kg 1400*2400 mm 1339*2369mm 33-40 dB
GD B15 Double door B15 74 mm 76 kg 31 kg 2390*2400 mm 1173*2345 mm 33-40dB
GD A60 Single door A60 74 mm 52 kg 59 kg 1400*2400mm 1340*2358 mm 35-43dB
GD A60 Double door A60 74 mm 85 kg 59 kg 2371*2400 mm 1164*2358 mm 35-43dB

Download GD B15 factsheet

Download GD A60 factsheet


Our products

DEKO Ocean Sliding doors


Developed as a complete system, the doors are designed to compliment the design of the vessel´s steel bulkhead and partitions.

DEKO Ocean GD A60 sliding doors are available as single doors and can easily be built into our GP A60 glazed partitions and other types of partition walls.

DEKO Ocean GD A60 doors are fire tested according to the latest FTP 2010 standards by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

specification overview

GD A60 Sliding doors

Type Fire resistance Door leaf thickness Door weight Glass weight (m²) Max. door frame size Max. door leaf size Sound insulation (Rw)
Single door A60 74mm 52kg 59 kg 1431*2410mm 1337*2423mm 25-38dB

Download GD A60 SLIDING DOORS factsheet



They have all discovered the difference

  • MSC Cruises
  • Stena Drilling Rig
  • AHTS vessel
  • Gina Krog
  • Norwegian Navy boat
  • Lindblad expedition cruise
  • FPSO



DEKO is a Danish, privately held and consolidated company specializing in development, design, production and the sale of mobile walls and glass walls. DEKO employs more than 300 employees in Denmark, and DEKO has production sites in China. DEKO is a financially well-consolidated AAA-rated company by D&B.

DEKO is a market leader at the European market. The products of the company are sold in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa through a strong network of distributors.



DEKO co-operates closely with architects, developers and end users so that the products of the company can be constantly developed taking into consideration both local, national and international technical regulations.


Present at Seatrade Cruise global, 2017

We are excited to meet you and show all our products – at booth number 835

New products from DEKO Ocean

We have increased our portefolio of products – giving the customers a bigger variety of possibilities for a suitable solution.

Launch of DEKO Ocean

DEKO is the largest manufacturer of glazed partitions in Scandinavia – on land. DEKO Ocean will now capture the maritime world with fire classified systems that are up to 50% lighter than the glazed partitions and doors installed in ships at present. DEKO Ocean’s very competitive programme had its world premiere at the Marintec exhibition in China in December 2015.




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